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Recommended Practice 970

Corrosion Control Documents

Provides users with the basic elements for developing, implementing, and maintaining a Corrosion Control Document (CCD) for refining, and at the owner’s discretion, may be applied at petrochemical and chemical process facilities. A CCD is a document or other repository or system that contains all the necessary information to understand materials damage susceptibility issues in a specific type of operating process unit at a plant site.

CCDs are a valuable addition to an effective Mechanical Integrity Program. They help to identify the damage mechanism susceptibilities of pressure containing piping and equipment, factors that influence damage mechanism susceptibilities, and recommended actions to mitigate the risk of loss of containment or unplanned outages. This recommended practice provides the owner/user with information and guidance on the work processes for development and implementation of CCDs for the owners’/users’ process units.

1st Edition | December 2017

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