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Technical Report 934-G

Design, Fabrication, Operational Effects, Inspection, Assessment, and Repair of Coke Drums and Peripheral Components in Delayed Coking Units

Includes information and guidance on the practices used by industry practitioners on the design, fabrication, operation, inspection, assessment, and repair of coke drums and peripheral components in delayed coking units. The guidance is general and does not reflect specific details associated with a design offered by licensors of delayed coking technology, or inspection tools, operating devices/components, repairs techniques, and/or engineering assessments offered by contractors. For details associated with the design offered by a licensor or services provided by contractors, the licensor or contractor should be consulted for guidance and recommendations for their design details and operating guidance. This document is a technical report and as such provides generally used practices in industry and is not an API recommended practice for coke drums in delayed coking units.

1st Edition | April 2016

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