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Recommended Practice 932-B

Design, Materials, Fabrication, Operation, and Inspection Guidelines for Corrosion Control in Hydroprocessing Reactor Effluent Air Cooler (REAC) Systems

Provides guidance to engineering and plant personnel on equipment and piping design, material selection, fabrication, operation, and inspection practices to manage corrosion and fouling in the wet sections of hydroprocessing reactor effluent systems. The reactor effluent system includes all equipment and piping between the exchanger upstream of the wash water injection point and the cold, low-pressure separator (CLPS). The majority of these systems have an air cooler; however, some systems utilize only shell- and-tube heat exchangers. Reactor effluent systems are prone to fouling and corrosion by ammonium bisulfide (NH4HS) and ammonium chloride (NH4Cl) salts.

2nd Edition | March 2012

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