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API 510

Pressure Vessel Inspection Code: In-service Inspection, Rating, Repair and Alteration

Covers the in-service inspection, repair, alteration, and rerating activities for pressure vessels and the pressure-relieving devices protecting these vessels.

This inspection code applies to most refining and chemical process vessels that have been placed in service. This includes:

  • vessels constructed in accordance with an applicable construction code;
  • vessels constructed without a construction code (non-code)—a vessel not fabricated to a recognized construction code and meeting no known recognized standard;
  • vessels constructed and approved as jurisdictional special based upon jurisdiction acceptance of particular design, fabrication, inspection, testing, and installation;
  • non-standard vessels—a vessel fabricated to a recognized construction code but has lost its nameplate or stamping.

10th Edition | May 2014

Includes Addendum 1 (2017) and Addendum 2 (2018)

Companion document to RP 572

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