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Recommended Practice 934-A

Materials and Fabrication of 2 1/4Cr-1Mo, 2 1/4Cr-1Mo-1/4V, 3Cr- 1Mo, and 3Cr-1Mo-1/4V Steel Heavy Wall Pressure Vessels for High-Temperature, High-Pressure Hydrogen Service

Presents materials and fabrication requirements for new 2 1/4Cr and 3Cr steel heavy wall pressure vessels for high-temperature, high-pressure hydrogen service. It applies to vessels that are designed, fabricated, certified, and documented in accordance with ASME BPVC, Section VIII, Division 2, including Section 3.4, Supplemental Requirements for Cr-Mo Steels and ASME Code Case 2151, as applicable. This document may also be used as a resource when planning to modify an existing heavy wall pressure vessel.

Materials covered by this recommended practice are conventional steels, including standard 2 1/4Cr-1Mo and 3Cr-1Mo steels, and advanced steels, which include 2 1/4Cr-1Mo-1/4V, 3Cr-1Mo-1/4V-Ti-B, and 3Cr-1Mo-1/4V- Nb-Ca steels. This document may be used as a reference for the fabrication of vessels made of enhanced steels (steels with mechanical properties augmented by special heat treatments) at purchaser discretion. However, no attempt has been made to cover specific requirements for the enhanced steels.

2nd Edition | May 2008

Includes Addendum 1 (2010) and Addendum 2 (2012)

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