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Recommended Practice 652

Linings of Aboveground Petroleum Storage Tank Bottoms

Provides guidance on achieving effective corrosion control by the application of tank bottom linings in aboveground storage tanks in hydrocarbon service. It contains information pertinent to the selection of lining materials, surface preparation, lining application, cure, and inspection of tank bottom linings for existing and new storage tanks. In many cases, tank bottom linings have proven to be an effective method of preventing internal corrosion of steel tank bottoms.

Provides information and guidance specific to aboveground steel storage tanks in hydrocarbon service. Certain practices recommended herein may also applicable to tanks in other services. This recommended practice is intended to serve only as a guide and detailed tank bottom lining specifications are not included. This recommended practice does not designate specific tank bottom linings for every situation because of the wide variety of service environments.

4th Edition | September 2014

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