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Bulletin 939-E

Identification, Repair, and Mitigation of Cracking of Steel Equipment in Fuel Ethanol Service

Discusses stress corrosion cracking (SCC) of carbon steel tanks, piping, and equipment exposed to fuel ethanol as a consequence of being in the distribution system, at ethanol distribution facilities, or end user (EU) facilities where the fuel ethanol is eventually added to gasoline. Such equipment includes but is not limited to storage tanks, piping and related handling equipment, and pipelines that are used in distribution, handling, storage, and blending of fuel ethanol. However, data for pipelines in ethanol service is limited and caution should be used when applying guidelines from this document that have been derived mainly from applications involving piping and tanks in ethanol storage and blending facilities. SCC of other metals and alloys is beyond the scope of this document, as is the corrosion of steel in this service.

2nd Edition | August 2013

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